My father’s last prose.


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We had seven years before the ravages of the demons knocked you to your knees. Two beautiful babies came to please. Our honeymoon began on a granite spine where we could survey all that is good in God’s verdant forest choir.

You were my beacon of strength through years of my own demons, real and inside me. Your soft caring heart stood with me the dozen trips to the brink and pulled me back to be Dad and Grandpa.

Sometimes we were vinegar and soda over inane little things but we stood tilted towards each other.

You taught me patience by example. You taught me strength by watching you. My family loved you from your first visit. You’ve been gone a month today but it feels like you’ve been away for years, yet I sense you constantly around me in our children and in three princesses. I love you.

– Written by my Father, Ted Thomas Buchanan on April, 6th 2010
Rest in peace mom and dad, I love you more than words can describe.

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