Floods, explosions and the great debate of how Wyoming is not relative to any other state that it touches. These are the life and times of one Delete. Flashes of warm weather have been followed by down pours and tornado sirens here at Deleted Inc., very unstable to say the least (not to mention that the weather has been weird as well…wink wink nudge nudge).

I’ve been dropping the mouse from time to time and picking up the mechanical pencil as well as the watercolors lately. I’ve forgotten how engulfed I can become with this process. Forget the looming sessions of therapy that could be on the horizon, I’m going to put this shit down on paper, panel or canvas. The other details can be handled with a variety of searches on grooveshark to pick the evenings soundtrack.

I’ll be posting my progress on the various pieces, oh and I’m also developing a sort of secret society/lodge (I guess it isn’t too secret if I’m putting it up here….), a logo, fez and more to come with time.

That is all for now, until next time….COURAGE.

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