Tis’ nearing summer here at Deleted Inc. and the freelance was thawing out and starting to flow for awhile but has moved into a more manageable flow. We’ll see if this can continue! I’ve got multiple items going, as per usual, and am planning on posting projects to the portfolio section here soon as that has not been done for a few months.

I’ve started to get back into printmaking, linocuts specifically. Now that I have a space cleared out in the garage, this has opened up more possibilities for such things to happen. I’ve got some watercolor projects that I’ve yet to start, but will soon do so. Progress to be posted soon.

Other than that it has been nothing but the continued path of prepping my offspring for world domination, having a daily sigh of relief that I’m not back in the cubicle and thinking about what the next project might be. That is all for now, until next time…COURAGE.