Wow, two blog posts in the span of a week and/or two? Am I feeling OK? Maybe. My leg issues seems to be lightening up little by little each day. Maybe I can sleep in my bed soon? Here is to having dreams!

I’ve been fighting a dark cloud since developing the hematoma in mid-july. The wife is locked into the Radiography program and will doing this for the next year and a half. In the meantime I’m working on beefing up my freelance as well as keeping my ear to the ground to find a consistent form of income. It has been a bit trying to go all in with me in the state that I’m in. Injuries suck the energy and will to do any some what normal, which certainly includes job searching.

I’m currently working on finishing up a few web projects for an advertising firm out of Casper. I also have a fun gig poster in the works which more info will be available soonish I hope. I’ll be casting my net in order to find more job stuff as well as thinking about when my first ice fishing excursion shall be of the year. It might be awhile, but we will see.

I’m going to try and add to the blog section like I used to. So buckle in and until next time…COURAGE.