So, it has been a bit of a rough fall this year for Deleted Inc. and beyond. A few days ago one of my friends on Facebook wrote this little piece below in reference to a loss of a friend. I thought that it was very well written and could be applied in many cases, so I thought that I’d share it.

“Hey… So yeah, life can get really hard and super fucked up and seemingly out of control sometimes. It can drive you to the brink of sanity and rationality. Most of us have seen the darkness, felt its grasp, and drowned in its relentless wave of despair and confusion. Some of us more so than others. It’s damn hard to keep your head above water at times. We can find ourselves ashamed to admit it to ourselves let alone to others that we are depressed and need help. Kinda feels like people wouldn’t care if you told them in this “me, me, me” culture we “live” in. Let’s maybe please start collectively give more of a fuck about the humans around us. Reach out, make a call, make sure we are all alright. People hide it. People are embarrassed when they feel sad. Nobody wants to hear it most of the time, right?. I do it myself. However, there are people out there going through the same shit.. more so than we realize. Offer that help and be open to help when you need it

Keep this in mind folks. With the holidays coming up, dealing with family and other stresses can bring you down. It looks as if things are about to get a bit chaotic and hostile here at Deleted Inc., so coming into the situation with a better frame of mind should help divert the venomous attitudes to follow.

On a happier note, I’ve got a few illustration projects happening right now. New business cards have been ordered and I’m bound and determined to seek out more and more freelance opportunities. That is all for now, until next time….COURAGE!