Ah, the first post of the new year. I’ve always found new years to be sort of depressing minus the fact that you get new calendars and you can finally retire the previous year’s kitten themed calendar. This year has been pretty much a bummer so far. I’m still dealing with massive leg pain. This could be the demise of the delete.

On to other news, I guess. I will be putting up a batch of the Magic Cyclops posters that I did for sale here shortly. I’m still working out a plan on how to get the posters out in a good amount of time as well as making cost effective with packaging and shipping. Stay tuned for this.

Other than that, it is business as usual. I have a few freelance projects in the works, but am limited to the amount of time that I can sit in chairs as a result of my current health condition. This is dumb! I’m looking forward to feeling like a human again, but if what I’m getting a read off of right now, this could be a long, long time from now.