Well, well, well? It’s another blog entry from your’s truly. Don’t look so surprised. I’ve been trying to keep up with this and fell off a bit, but I’m back!

Last week was full of fun and surprises, like, I got a new tattoo though it took triple the amount of time to get to CO for the appointment. I guess I should just be thankful that I wasn’t in the car where the fatality was. I’ve been shaving my head more and more, I spoke to a family member in which I haven’t spoken to since moving to Laramie. I guess it’s true, as one door closes another one opens. It was nice to talk to them again and though I’ve given up on ever having the sense of family that I did when my parents were alive, it’s nice to hear from folks that I grew up with rather than focus on other family yuckiness. And in this political climate….OK OK OK, I’ll stop.

Work has been doing fine. I’m looking to wrap up some projects and am hoping to get some more in the hopper. It’s been awhile since I’ve actively searched out work too, so I should have time to do that soon. I’m thinking that I’m going to work on some self promotion materials in my spare time, but only after I finish some work that I want to do for my best friend since grade #3 as a week from today he turns the big 4-0. I’m going to follow here in a few weeks after that, unless I finally give up the ghost and let the imminent death syndrome win. Doubtful though.

I’ve been getting into music more as of late, i.e. buying more, playing more guitar and paying more attention. It’s been really good. There was a time that even music couldn’t move me into the happy category, i.e. last winter. My friend and I are hitting up the ETID show in Ft. C later this month and then a different friend and I are going to see SAMIAM in Ft. C again but in March. So musically, I’m getting happy.

I’ve been sticking with the workout regiment and punch the crap out of the punching bag apparatus that we got for xmas everyday for about half an hour. My feet still suck, but my moods seem a little better as I can get out the frustrations of everyday life here at Deleted Inc.

Well, that is about I’ll have for you right now. I have to pick up the daughter here shortly and transport her for Judo class tonight. So, until the next time…COURAGE.