Well I’ve been slacking a bit on updates to this bad boy. My apologies. Things have been going at a fairly decent clip. My freelance has picked up to the point that I’m currently at full plate level, but even at that I can always use more stuff. We shall see how this pans out.

I’m weeks away from hitting the big 4-0. In 2010, I said that I was going to swear off birthdays for good as it lands two days before the date that my mother passed. Now that time has passed a bit I sort of use it as a leveling point and to reconnect with the thoughts of my parents which I feel gets lost through out the year. Man, I miss the parents like none other. I try to keep it positive these days, but given other happenings the past few years makes it almost impossible, but this year I’m going to drown out the venomous folks and do things that make me happy, like attend more shows (I’ve got the ETID show this weekend and then the SAMIAM show a bit after my birthday.). I’m also going to visit my best friend from the 3rd grade again in the mighty Boise ID. This time I’m flying, which shall be nice to not worry about driving and the crap weather that happens this time of year.

As mentioned before, freelance has picked up. I’ve been lacking with the working on my own illustrations, but plan to get back on that. I spent a good portion of the weekend working on a pretend thrash metal themed illustration of myself. It’s coming along, but I’ve got a lot of work on it to do still. It’ll be a fun project.

Well that is about all I’ve got for now. Until next time, COURAGE>