Well, I guess that it has been a stretch since the last entry. I’m sure you were about to dial up a wellness check to see if I was OK. Wait, what? You weren’t? Well, that’s OK I guess. Things here are up in the air to say the least right now. If you follow much of the happenings of the life of the Delete you know that I’m a freelance designer, dad, shunned son-in-law and many other titles. I am currently based in Laramie, Wyoming. A place in which the family and I moved back to, bought a house and focused on getting better after the death of my parents along with other baggage that formed as a result of the situation. The wife is currently in school studying radiography. We are hoping that she’ll be able to find a job that will keep us here, but it looks as if things are questionable for this. We have started the conversation of where next? A topic that makes my blood pressure go to the level of that guy from Scanners. Hopefully she’ll be able to find a gig that allows us to stay here, but due to current results of job searches and interviews here in town and the job climate just about every where, it isn’t promising. Fuck. Well, that is really I can say about that. Until next time, COURAGE.