Well, Deleted blog readers it is true, I’ve arrived for yet another session of me hitting keys in such a way I can communicate my blather via the web. Exciting? No? Ok, no, not really. Last week was a bear to say the least. Our long term plans here at Deleted Inc. seem to still be up in the air. I’m confident that all shall come out in the wash and by the fall we’ll have a better grasp of what sort of landscape will be underneath us.

It is times like these that I really miss my moms and pops. It would be nice to be able to brainstorm some plans with them. Their influence is sorely missed and cannot be replaced especially with the current relationship or lack there of I have with many family members. Families, right? Anyhoo…At least it is now spring and we’re currently being teased with some warmer weather and seeing some small splatterings of green around here. Old man Buchanan finds this exciting, which is good because he’s been sort of a dick this winter.

Workwise, things are going pretty decent. I’ve been somewhat busy lately, but see a gap coming up in the near future. I guess I’ll have to search out some new projects. The joys of freelance, right? I’ve been revisiting the infamous “Dead Billy” project and am getting some good frames created. We shall see where this takes me. The story line is still up in the air and maybe that is a good thing because I’d like for this to be unsettling in concept as well as execution, hopefully that shows well instead of showing like a half-assed effort on a 20 year old idea. We shall see. I’ve also been keeping with exploring other illustration avenues. I have a pretty nice collection of business men. At some point, I’d like to maybe see if I could display them somewhere, so people could buy one or all of them. Its good to have goals, I think.

Well, that is all I can think of to bore you with right now. Until next time, COURAGE.