Beendeleted here with another installment of the Deleted blog collection of blog segments. It has been awhile, sort of. Things here are still up in the air a bit, but we’ve decided to go forward as planned with the normal everyday happenings and try not to over shoot our thoughts future happenings. The weather has warmed a bit, but am hoping that we get a few more solid storms that give us some good moisture as I fear that it might be crispier this year as well as earlier. I spent a good portion of the day yesterday clearing dead stuff from the yard and placing the NHL gnome collection acquired this winter. Things are looking up.

Work is going Ok at the moment, it has seemed to slow down since taking the trip to ID. Hopefully that picks back up. Nevertheless some more footwork is needed to search out more opportunities. I’ve been forcing myself to work on personal items after stopping the freelance for the day, but it has been a struggle lately as a lot of my projects are leaking well into the evening.

My health is giving me fits again as I can’t seem to control the Ragu that tis’ my blood recently. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of anything, but I’m going to try and get this under control well before the next round of blood tests here in a few months.

Wrestlemania is TONIGHT.

Welp, Big Gulps huh? Until next time, COURAGE.