My Empty is Half Glass.

Above is what I have going right now. More to be added soon and then eventually into the portfolio. Keep an eye out of that. So it has been a long and bitter week for the delete, but it has gone by a fair pace. I think it is because we declared the fact that we’d be going to the mountains again this weekend. It helps one delete to have

Square Meals at Round Tables

Floods, explosions and the great debate of how Wyoming is not relative to any other state that it touches. These are the life and times of one Delete. Flashes of warm weather have been followed by down pours and tornado sirens here at Deleted Inc., very unstable to say the least (not to mention that the weather has been weird as well…wink wink nudge nudge). I’ve been dropping the mouse

Wearing a room temperature suit.

I’ve managed to focus for a second and take a break from the ol’ dark and depressy to create an illustration to celebrate paranoia which belongs to somebody other than myself. I’m thinking this might look good in shirt format. I’d wear one, would you? So Conan is on the telly again starting tonight, which makes me have hope. You see, I link my shit luck to the fact that

The guy from the hamburger train.

The new Deleted, Inc. Headquarters is coming together. With this new addition, some freshening up of the website might be in order. More on this shortly. The Delete has been off his game as of late, please excuse the slack…2010 bears down on the thinker from time to time and reality can cripple one’s ambition for awhile. In time the Delete that we’ve all come to tolerate and not invite