An idealist with grey hairs on his head.

One week from today, Beendeleted, Inc. will have new headquarters about 8 – 10 blocks away from the spider infested death trap we’re currently renting. An upgrade indeed! Note, this is not an excuse for you to visit us now as we are doing it to grow the corporation in style and comfort. Tours of the new facility will have to go through a vigorous interview and selection process. You

The decline of the recline.

I’ve been bitten by a bit of the illustration bug as of late. Hopefully this will continue. I’m planning on eventually revisiting the condition of this site and will most likely revamp the skin, but until then…you’ll have to wait. As mentioned, we’re currently hunting for the headquarters of beendeleted, Inc. We’ve placed an offer, but have been counter offered a shite response, we’re setting up one final offer and

A return of some sort.

I’m revisiting an old friend in illustration, this would be the faceless business man. If you have followed much of my work, this has been a popular subject of past and I’ve decided to bring him and his friends back. Stay tuned for more. In other news, Beendeleted Inc. has currently sent an offer on what could be the new home office for the corporation. The current owners have until