Black Albino Bones.

I’ve recently started listening to more Fucked Up, which in retrospect, is a crime! I should have been listening to these Canucks a long time ago. They have found their way onto Matador records. The lead singer goes by the moniker of Pink Eyes and holds a masters or maybe even a PhD in Gender Studies. Who said punks were stupid? Add another well educated punk to the fire. Enjoy

Only so many songs can be sung with two lips, two lungs and one tongue.

[youtube 7mj9FhrlEh0] [youtube QTet6HStYuQ] That’s correct, it’s the Wright brothers performing as a duo. I’ve been listening to Nomeansno a lot as of late. A bit nostalgic? Maybe? Twas’ my launching pad into a lot of music when I was a wee lad. Some potential projects are around the bend for the delete. I’ll update as the updates come about. Look for more updates to the portfolio and another animation

Listen, the mighty ear is here.

After the week of revisiting my metal roots, I’ve now have repurchased a Carcass album and two Danzig album. Oh the humanity. It has been nice. Though I wasn’t able to attend the funeral service for my friend yesterday, I was there in my head. In other news, A Brand Above is an awesome Canadian design firm. I really like the collection of identities as well as the illustration work.

Boards of Canada.

[youtube dQEmaj9C6ko] I was directed to this video via changethethought, a blog in which I check quite a bit. I’ve had BOC on the ol’ iPOD for a bit, but haven’t seen/heard this song/video as of yet. After viewing/hearing the song I now. declare that Boards of Canada is now going to be the soundtrack to my throw back into design and art. After all of this hockey, I think