Dead with my friends.

Greetings and salutations oh followers of the Delete and/or his blog. As mentioned before, I’m working on making this more of a normal happening mostly to keep my eyes on the prize as far as my freelance workload goes and to maybe let some steam off a bit. Anyhoo, with that being said, here we are, reading these words and such…um, what was I saying again?

I must break you.

Well, well, well…it seems as if I might be sticking with my plan to update this section of the site on a fairly regular basis. Yippee for that. So, moving right along, in this time where is seems that my album covers are most likely going to become real life, this past week has been good as far as freelance and have managed to get close to wrapping up a


Well, after the stress of everything holiday and after holiday related is starting to calm down and/or just considered ridiculous, my body has decided that now would be a good time to be sick. Right now, my right eye is watering and if I rub my eyes it feels as if blood is going to shoot out my nose and if I blow my nose it feels like blood is

We Care A Lot

I guess that it has been long overdue for a blog update from the Deleted Camp. Maybe I’m wrong? Well, you wanted the best and you got the rest? Anyhoo, lots of things have happened since the last entry of said blog, which I recall happened in early fall of last year. Here it is eleven days into 2017 and there is nothing but doom, gloom and, of course more

We who are not as others.

Well, well, well it has been a little while since this last blog update. We here at Deleted Inc. are saying goodbye to the warm weather and are welcoming fall, a good season to embrace. I’m still dealing with my anti-benjamin button syndrome and am currently awaiting my departure for my six month check up. Hopefully the blood work comes back normal and such. Fingers crossed!

Sickly Year One.

Well at this time last year, my legs started going to crap. Man, what a stupid year it has been. Luckily some things have improved, though I’m still crippled, I only bend over in pain for part of the week. We have our house back to a normal living situation. This winter was probably the darkest/gloomiest ones that I’ve experienced. I’m in hopes that we’re not in for another one

Eaten by worms.

It has been well over a month or so since my last post. Have you missed me? Ok, most likely not. I believe the last time I wrote was even before my trek to Idaho in March. I’ve been pretty busy with freelance, which is now getting caught up. I’m happy about this, but I’ve come to realize that I might need to take a 2-3 month break in about

Six Years.

Today is always a difficult day for me. This year marks six years since my mother passed away at 8:10 pm in the hospital in Casper, WY. I wasn’t at her bedside because I just couldn’t do it. The other members of my family were there, but I wanted to keep the snapshot of our last conversation in my head instead of seeing her go through the pains of her