The First Freelance Video Dump.

Well folks, it has been many moons since the last video dump. Lots has changed here at Beendeleted Inc. I’m now 100% freelance and have shed the shackles of the cubicle and reliving every painful joke from Office Space. Tis’ a big step, but it only makes sense for El Deleto. With no further adieu, I give you this installment of the Video Dump, enjoy:   [youtube jFF842sxMFI]   [youtube

You’ve got a Methodist Coloring Book.

Beatrix has been at home for just over a week now and I have found a new love for coffee. I’ve already made some beendeleted gear for her, I’m sure she’ll get sick of me and my illustrations. I’m still feeling out the scheduling of work, baby, illustration, etc., but I shall get that hammered out here shortly. Until then, enjoy a minor Sunday video dump [youtube Pj-GIAACClc]