Painting for Hire.

What is this all about?

As you may or may not know, outside of the computer stuff, I do like to kick it old school on the non-digital tip and paint, draw and what not. Over the past year I’ve done a few pieces for friends and family along with some personal work and have found that this is a good creative arrow to have in my quiver.

So with this being said, I’m available for projects! Have you always wanted You, A Family Member, Multiple Family Members, A pet, A Fish, A Pet Fish, A Pet Family Member, immortilized in paint, ink, graphite, etc.??? Well wait no longer, the holidays are always creeping, people have birthdays at least once a year, and giving this sort of gift will certainly trump a stupid gift card and will make you look great when everyone else has regifted that special edition of tiddly winks they got last year. Or maybe you’re a little selfish, like myself and just want it for yourself to cover that hole in the wall from when you tried to kill that fly with a shot put.

How Do We Get Started?

Well alright, alright, alright…As someone said once. Just fill out the form below with a short description of your project, i.e. I thought a nice retirement gift for Uncle Frank would be him as a young lad riding a platypus across a field of wheat. From there we can discuss medium and size and then get a price quote. Uncle Frank will be so surprised! You’re a great Niece and/or Nephew!

Some Examples of Projects


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