Another homage to a favorite. I’m no Lane Meyer, but in this illustration I guess I kind of am. This movie shaped me into the well adjusted adult that I am today. Right?

Here is the line work that I submitted to my tattoo artist before getting this cemented on the ol’ shoulder in tattoo format. Some respect for the man who received very little respect.

Another favorite ruined. This time Sepultura’s Arise tis’ the victim.

Illustration created in homage to the video “masterpiece“.

Another favorite ruined with myself and such. This album was a big part of high school Josef’s playlist all through, well, high school and beyond. Also, I liked the print making quality of the album art which sort of pushed me into print making through out my college art pursuits.

As a young lad I listened to a group that was fronted by someone who I thought was questioning the things I was questioning and could play some face melting solos. As both of us grew up, one went down the scary road of rewinding his beliefs and followed a very conservative road whilst I went opposite and keep thinking…

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This album molded me into the “well adjusted” individual that I am today. I’ve threatened to do a Dead Billy themed batch of illustrations, but alas so far it has just been a threat. Maybe with other doors shutting I shall up the Deceased William Door? Let’s see. Until then, enjoy my head smacked with a hammer.

This was the first victim of my “Ruining my Favorites” idea. I love me some Death and this album means the world to me. That’s why I ruined it first. Long Live Chuck and long live ruining my favorites.

As mentioned in some posts before this, I’m going through and ruining a lot of my favorite albums, movies, tv shows, etc. This was for the guy that you can say his name three times and boom, there he be. My favorite scene is the end of the movie, but you might be able to tell from this illustration. Also,…

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Another show about nothing themed illustration. I like it, maybe you don’t and that is OK. I was born with resting bitch face so I have people tell me to calm down from time to time. Word of advice for those folks, that never really calms anyone down, in fact that is usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back.…

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