Illustration created for Terrier Cvlt. I’m not sure if these ever saw the light of day outside of an IG story post.

Yet another traditional old Deleted Pub, I mean flyer. This was a good PPV by the way. Dog Collar matches are where it’s at.

More faceless business men with melting rat ties. You know, my usual stuff.

As a wee lad, I wasn’t allowed to own Garbage Pail Kids as my mother thought they were awful. Little did we know, one day I’d become one? Maybe there are more in the future on this little venture? Maybe I should quit asking questions to no one.

A little logo I whipped up for my old pal Kevin Manno for his podcast. I’m not sure if this really made it onto anything, but it’s now on my portfolio. so that’s something, right?

The wrath of Newman, in illustration format. #newman

The most famous pup in pro-wrasslin’ today, Larry. CM Punk’s trusty sidekick.

I make flyers for things that are important to me. I used to be asked to make flyers for shows, but I’m old and not hip to the scene, so now I make flyers for myself. This one was for the beginning of the hockey season. #GoAvsGo

A little flyer I came up with for another PPV ordered for Deleted Inc. I’ve got a wrasslin’ problem, but that’s OK. It could be worse.

Illustrations that I made whilst watching and experiencing the Stanley Cup Champions, Colorado Avalanche. Every night feels like an Arby’s night now.