Illustration created for Terrier Cvlt. I’m not sure if these ever saw the light of day outside of an IG story post.

A little logo I whipped up for my old pal Kevin Manno for his podcast. I’m not sure if this really made it onto anything, but it’s now on my portfolio. so that’s something, right?

The wrath of Newman, in illustration format. #newman

A little illustration created before the third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise was released to the public. It was a fun project. Bill and Ted hold a special place in my cold black heart.

A rough version of some illustrations created for the mighty Nick Cageao, formerly of Mutoid Man. This logo took some weird turns which I won’t post on here, tee hee. Anyhoo, it was a fun project.

Illustration created for the band Sik Oheso, I don’t believe this was ever used, or yet to be used, but it was fun. Everyone likes Kitties and currency, right?

A batch of logo ideas created for the talented Landon Siebens.

Another favorite ruined. This time Sepultura’s Arise tis’ the victim.

I keep telling you, I do these to announce that I am once again partaking in a professional wrestling pay per view. They’re fun! At least I think so.

Created a little WordPress website for De Gringos y Gremmies. Check it out here.