De Gringos y Gremmies Album Art

I was hired by the mighty Wyoming Spaghetti-infused Surf Garage Rockers, De Gringos y Gremmies to do the artwork for their first album. I used some of the characters that were created for previous gig posters and expanded on that, mixed in a bit of Wyomingness along with some Yogi Bearish type background and viola, this is what you’ve got.

Ghosted Logo Project

I was working with a client from the UK on branding for dog treats. I was supposed to do the logo, then work on packaging design and then a website. I only got as far as these and never heard from them again. That is why I’m using it as a portfolio piece.

Another Logo of Me

Another branded version of myself. Egomaniac? Maybe, or I’m just trying to get my name out there and get some of that sweet, sweet freelance cash?