Carve a Smile On Your Face.

Carve a Smile On Your Face.

It is Mr. Bungle show eve here at Deleted Inc. and I couldn’t be much happier. I’ve been itching to see the band in person for many a year and thought maybe I’d lost my chance when the pandemy happened, but luckily they’re doing a run of shows that happens to be going through Denver. Noice!

I guess it’s been awhile since writing in this thing. My hockey season came to an end but it might have been for the best as the good guys had been leaking blood all season and it was just getting worse and worse, throw in some legal weirdness and tah dah, the season ended. I love hockey, but the NHL is so gross with a lot of stuff. It’s best that I turn a blind eye to it for awhile and focus on what is important, gardening, birds, music, art and wrasslin’.

I’m happy to report that our bathroom remodel is 90% done. We’ve ordered the glass which will probably take around a month and then we’ll be able to use the steam shower function. It’s a huge upgrade from what was there before. It cost a pretty penny but, hey, we’re worth it.

Farmer Josef is finally in full gardening mode. The weather is warming up and I’ll be focusing on getting flowers planted in all of the pots. I’m looking forward to hopefully having mostly hummingbird attracting varieties as it seems like the greenhouse didn’t disappoint with it’s selection. I’ve also been working on beefing up the property line that we share with the rich dum dum neighbors that bought the house for their spoiled offspring. It may come to no one’s surprise, but I’m not fond of the neighbors. I think after the addition of another Austrian Cooper rose plant we should be good. I’ll probably add some potted flowers but our yard should look pretty decent. I’ve got a problem of being obsessed with it.

With the bathroom remodel coming to an end, we’ve got the art hole back and I’m catching up with the birdhouses for this year. I’ve got two going and another waiting in the wings. Oderus stays here and will be living on our fence.

Well, that is all that I can think of to bore you with at the moment. I’ll be sure to report back on the Mr. Bungle experience. I’m like a Delete at xmas time, but better. Until next time, COURAGE. #FODBM