Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.

Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.

It’s more than halfway through Feb. and I can safely say that I really hate this time of year. Farmer Josef is slowly waking up from hibernation and I usually start some seeds on my Mother’s birthday which is on the 24th. Granted we’re still months away from prime gardening season, but I always get things started inside, it’s always an experiment. I’m always focused on creating the best environment to make the hummingbirds happy.

We’re getting some remodeling done at Deleted Inc. which will commence at the beginning of the next month. We’ll be down to just one bathroom for about four weeks and some change. It’ll be nice to have some fancy aspects added to the house including a steam shower, which with my old man diseases it’ll be nice.

I’m still in the market to finding employment. I’m currently signed on for a part-time gig, but would like to have something full time or at the very least, two part-time gigs to make a full-time gig…I’m good at math eh?

I’ve been doing some freelance too. I’ve also been doing some of my own work. I think I’m coming out of my funk that I’ve been in over the holidays. Looking to get into doing more and more of this stuff. Idle hands, man, idle hands.

Well that is about all that I have to bore with you at the moment. I’m trying to keep up with these entries not to keep people informed on the happenings of the Delete, but mainly to clear the head and make a mental “to-do” list. Until next time, COURAGE. #FODBM