Here Come the Waterworks.

Here Come the Waterworks.

Greetings. It’s been a spell since posting on here. Nothing much to report, still on the hunt for the next employment opportunity. Fingers crossed that something comes along. In the meantime I need to get the word out and plastered on the walls that I’m available via the Vectorized package and/or just for hire for design projects, illustrations or whatever some might need for the upcoming holidays and such. It’d be nice to get that going sooner than later.

I’ve been applying to jobs like a mad man. Trying to get something remote isn’t as easy as one might think. I’ve now been attempted to be scammed, freelance or full-time now, on jobs. Someone actually sent me a bogus check for $13k. Oh how I laughed, well after being sad about it being a bogus job. Maybe I’ll frame it as a reminder of something, maybe just how humans are the worst.

I’ve ordered a new whip, well a new computer for my designin’/illustratin’ and such. I’m excited, but also have to figure out what needs to get transferred where so I’m not dealing with “missing font” and/or “missing file” messages for the foreseeable future. Anyhoo, no better way to shed the grossness of the past three months and some change with some new tools. Word.

I’ve continued to add to the #ruiningmyfavorites line of illustrations. Here is the latest, the homage to one of my favorite movies with a little deletedness.

Well, that is about all that I can think of to bore whomever reads this. I shall keep on keepin’ on and continue the job hunt. Until the next time, COURAGE.