I Can’t Believe I Have to Bang My Head Against This Wall Again.

I Can’t Believe I Have to Bang My Head Against This Wall Again.

Another day, a some what familiar blog post. I’ve been keeping busy with stress, anxiety, hockey, gardening and the run of the mill self loathing.

I’m getting back into the swing of things after a bout with COVID. It wasn’t too bad, minus the lingering effects. I’m sure it’d be a ton worse if I wasn’t vaccinated and boosted. Science is good, right? Yes, yes it is.

We’re enjoying the new addition to our family, no it’s not another human. It’s way better, it’s a bearded dragon. The Beatrix named him Spike, but she allows me to call him Gor-Gor. He’s a cool being. I don’t have much contact with folks, so hanging with lizards is a lot better. The pups don’t know what to think, but they’re getting used to it. Viva la Gor-Gor!

Hockey has been amazing this year. The good guys are in the finals and are up two games to none. Lets keep this going. If they do, I’ll have to finish out my David Puddy themed hockey illustrations. Here is my latest.

Well that’s all I’ve gots for now. I’m going to keep on it with the freelance. I’ve got a painting to do in memory of my Aunt who passed away last month. Things to do, man. Until next time…COURAGE.