I don’t really think this way, I did yesterday, but not today.

I don’t really think this way, I did yesterday, but not today.

It’s the stereotypical “Hey it’s the first post of the new year…this year Imma do this, Imma do that.” post. Ok, maybe it isn’t. To be honest, I started this around the first of the year and so far things have fallen apart in the personal department that I haven’t had a chance to finish this.

On this note, the year so far is acting like the previous year as far as health bumps. We’re still awaiting appointments and such to figure out what is going on, but I’m in hopes that Deleted Inc. will be back on a decent state of health soon, or at the very least, know what is going on. Health and non-anxious times are wasted on the youth.

I’m still on the hunt for a job. Talk about a spirit crusher, that’ll be right up there with being let go from a job. Both stereotypical kicks to the ol’ crotch of your self worth. Fingers cross I’ll get something soon. It’s crazy that 22 years experience doesn’t get you called back by most jobs. Then again, I’m pretty specific with what I’m looking for. Patience dear Delete, patience.

We’re getting ready to drop a lot of money on a bathroom remodel here at Deleted Inc. It’s pretty exciting when you’re not thinking about the price tag. I’ll be nice to have a function bathroom with some fancy additions, cough! cough! steam shower.

I’ve started a new velvety excursion. I have previous paintings hanging on the mantle and thought that the addition of Oderus would be a no brainer.

Well, that is all that I can think of to bore you with right now. Until next time, COURAGE. #fobm