I Put the Disco in Disconnecting from Society.

I Put the Disco in Disconnecting from Society.

It’s been a rough one folks, since the last blog entry we lost our bestest oldest good boy Smuckers shortly after my last post. It was unexpected and awful. This summer has been one of the most depressing that the Delete has experienced. I miss Smuckers terribly. I care for my pups more than the majority of humans. It’s been a real kick to the guts.

Other than that I’ve been in a real rut as of late. I still have the part time gig, which is nice. I have some projects lined up. I’m trying to knock those out and get back into some sort of normalcy with the ol’ creativity.

The plants and garden were smoked a little over a month ago by a stupid hail storm. A lot has recovered, but the cold weather and weirdness has resulted in a lackluster hummingbird presence so far this year, but I’ll keep putting out food until I stop seeing and/or hearing them. Farmer Josef has been in a depressed state. Maybe he’ll have a few tomatoes and potatoes, but it won’t be that great of a haul. Maybe next season will be better. I know no where is immune to awful weather, especially now, but now please go on ahead and tell me how climate change isn’t real. Dum dums.

My personal art work has fallen through the cracks. I’ve got a few things in the works, but are on hold due to me not having the energy to put towards them.

I’m currently going to physical therapy sessions to try and get the pain level and movement improved on the shoulder. It’s tedious and painful, good thing I’m using the same facility that all of the UW athletes use. We’ve got a lot in common, tee hee.

Don Cabachero is still going. I believe we have a power steering problem and I’m still trying to get the blinkers to cooperate and work. I got honked and yelled at the other day by a super aggressive white dude in a Subaru, which still has me a bit on edge. Maybe I’ll get the chance to use some of the wrasslin’ maneuvers that I’ve been locking in my brain guts whilst partaking in my addiction.

Well, that’s all that I’ve got. Until next time, COURAGE. #FODBM