I’m giving up, I’m giving in.

I’m giving up, I’m giving in.

The Delete survived one holiday, so that’s something right? Now it’s face first into the end of the year. I’ve been talking to my wife about the weight and strain that this year has contained, it’s a little mind numbing to be honest. I thought that the year and years since my parents passing away would probably be the hardest times that I’d experience, but this year has proven to be a contender. Health issues, employment…or non-employment issues, falling out with former friends and the cutting of ties with said individuals has really soured the mood. I’m usually pretty geeked about showing my daughter and wife a good xmas, but this year…you can give it back.

The never ending job search continues. I haven’t had any scammers hit me up, which is nice. On the other hand, I haven’t had anyone hit me up. I sort of feel like it’s going to be this way into the new year because whatever gets accomplished during this time? Exactly.

I’ve finally finished a painting for my Uncle as a tribute to my late Aunt Nancy. I think it turned out decent. Hopefully he’ll like it. I’ve been a pretty crappy relative by not sending anything sooner.

I’ve discovered a new band, Kaonashi. They’re loud, sometimes soft, screamy, a bit odd and I’m probably too old to be listening to them, but I’ll stop searching out new music when I’ve finally made my metamorphosis into the elderly miserable Delete. Enjoy.

Well, I’ve got to hop on some xmas present making, unfortunately they’re not commissioned, unless you consider me being a client of myself a commish…I don’t. This year blows, I hate so much right now, until next time, COURAGE.