Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome.

This has been a week of weeks. Stress has been cranked up to ten, I’m so distracted that I’ve locked the keys in the truck for the first time ever, a $62 mistake which is awesome since I’m still unemployed. I am hoping to remedy that soon. I’ve cranked out a couple of test projects for jobs and have gotten some hit backs. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for something. There has to be something out there for someone with my skill set. I’d be more than happy to just clean up the formatting on WORD or something mind numbing as that. I’d just like a paycheck.

It’s weird, throughout my career so far, I’ve met people that at first they’re very supportive and look forward to the “Oh the things we shall do with you on board now” sort of attitude, but it then simmers into a lack of communication and then a sputter. Maybe this is common in the field of design? People get board with one designer quickly? Maybe I should get back into hitting up bands and such for that sort of work, but they’re usually in the same boat as I am and need to hang onto as much coin as possible. I don’t even know if I enjoy stuff anymore. Like I said, it’s been a week.

Lots of stuff up in the air right now. We’ve got some appointments to hopefully boil down some of the unknown into something we can wrap our heads around soon. I’m just worried about the ones closest to me. They’ve already had to deal with so much crap this past year, we’d all like a break. And I’d like to put a few people through some walls, but alas society frowns on that. Tee hee.

I did manage to come across a band that I’ve never knew this week and come to find out, they’ve been around for YEARS! I know, we’re all surprised that I’m not hip to stuff…yada yada yada…Anyhoo, OXBOW tis’ an amazing band. They’re going to put out their next album via Ipecac Records and I’m here for that!

Here’s a birdhouse that I made for my best friend for xmas. ENJOY.

Well, that is about all I can think of to bore you with at this point in time. Until next time, COURAGE. #FODBM