My Friends All Say, Dave You’re Mental Anyway.

My Friends All Say, Dave You’re Mental Anyway.

Hey! That’s the end of the lyric line on Lucretia, you’re welcome. So, what’s been cracking in the land of Delete and No Money? That’s it, being poor is rough. The older you get and have to deal with money issues the dumber things seem. At least I’m still doing a lot of free work which pays no bills at all.

I’m at the end of my generous rope. I’m cutting out as much free work as I can. I believe a lot of my contacts are taking the idea of freelance into the wrong direction. Sure I might lose some contacts, but I’ll still be making zero bank but will have more free time to find paying projects or just work on my own stuff instead of being an on call vector boy. Well, that was some fun. I’ve been in a very negative space professionally and grow tired of my generosity being taken advantage of.

I’ve moved on from custom birdhouse season. I had a couple of brochures to design and right now I’m trying my hand at a custom playing card for a client. I’m about 92% for the first draft. Hopefully that’ll ship out in the next few days and we shall go from there.

Hockey has kept my sanity sort of in check and the good guys did it this year! It was pretty sweet. I’ve posted some of the illustrations that I did for the series. I ended it with a couple extras for the finals.

Well, that tis’ what has been going on around these parts. I’m summoning Farmer Josef and am getting fairly decent results in the garden. Hummingbird prime time is approaching here shortly, which will also numb the brain from other things. That’s all I’ve got for now. Remember pay designers you cheap cowards. Until next time, COURAGE.