My Whole Life is Just a Joke and I’m Still Not Laughing.

My Whole Life is Just a Joke and I’m Still Not Laughing.

Tardy to the blog party as per usual. I’ve been a busy Delete with the part-time gig and the freelance that I haven’t really had much time to get much cooking in the personal art department, but I guess getting paid is better than me hanging in the arthole and not bringing any fundage to the Deleted Inc. cause.

The garden tis’ done for the season, so that means I’m inside a lot more than I used to be, which is good I guess. I did manage to get a memorial painting made for our beloved Smuckers. I miss the farty/burpy dude but am thankful that he isn’t in pain.

I really enjoy doing dog related illustration work. I miss working with my former gig with a certain dog themed company, but those fences can’t be mendedededed…er fixed. Maybe I’ll just do illustrations and post them on the socials as something to keep me sane. Maybe I won’t and I’ll finally be committed to the state hospital. I hear Evanston is nice and they have a pond near the facility.

Hockey has started back up which is good because my summer of wrasslin’ ended awhile back and so did my favorite wrestlers stint with a company that rhymes with AEW. The storylines have been bland as unseasoned chicken. I’m awaiting the return of a few wrasslers and then I’ll probably be a better wrasslin’ watcher again.

The Ranchero is doing well, minus the fact that the turn signals stopped working and I haven’t had a chance to figure it out. When it comes to electrical work, I’m about as knowledgeable about that as I am to brain surgery. I might have to tag in a professional so I can drive it without the threat of getting flipped off by angry white dudes in Subarus.

Well, I’d best get back to it. That is all that I have to bore the masses with right now. Until next time, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM