Slow Motion Slam.

Slow Motion Slam.

Well, here it is the evening of Thanksgiving and my anxiety has lead me to type up one of these bad boys. I don’t really remember where I left it at the last post, but some stuff has happened since the last post. First off, my wife, in the voice of Borat, not only discovered that she had melanoma on her neck, but had it promptly removed as if it could have been quick spreading and proven fatal. She made it through the procedure like a champ, but has been dealing with some missing neck meat which makes her feel like she was on her way to becoming a version of Frankenstein. I’m thankful that she decided to make the appointment when she did, and that they found it and that it has been removed and she is now cancer free. This year has been a fecal fritter so far, so I’m hoping this is the last curve ball thrown our way for awhile. Here is what the neck of my wife looks like, she’s getting the stitches out next week.

The never ending job search has continued for myself. I keep getting duped into bogus job offers. I’m getting better at spotting them before they get too far, but this process is slowly killing me. Hopefully I’ll find something soon. With this being said, I’m still very thankful to be free of the previous regime though. Those folks can get all of their feelings hurt for all that I care. Well, enough of that. Fingers crossed that the right situation shows up soon.

The launching of the vectorized option has gone off with a fizzle. Oh well, maybe I can work up something that gets noticed. Or maybe I don’t. I’m sort of burnt on it anyways, seems a bit too similar to the old gig and I think I still need some time to get my brainguts straight from being taken advantage of for that long.

Another Wrasslin’ PPV happened last weekend. I did a thing. I like doing things. This is what it looked like.

Well, that’s all I can think of to bore you with right now. Until next time…COURAGE.