Swallowing the Rabbit Whole.

Swallowing the Rabbit Whole.

Another day, another sort of somewhat frequent blog post from the ol’ Delete. This week has obviously been pretty terrible in so many ways, it’s hard to really even focus. Heck of a time for Deleted Inc. to get COVID in the hoose. I’m sure we’ll be fine. If I’m wrong, I’ve already promised my Megadeth collection to my daughter. Also, do me a favor and fart on all of the St. Louis’s Blues pillows and let the pink eye outbreak begin. Ok, this is getting a little gross and off track.

The wife tested positive today, she’s been home for a day and a half. The daughter and I are so far not really showing symptoms. We’ll see how the next few days shakeout. If all goes well, we’ll be back to normal by the Sabbath just in time for the wrasslin’ PPV and for the love of Pete NOOOOO GAME 7 for the good guys. This series ends Friday and as an added bonus I can watch wrasslin’ right before the game. Nice.

Things workwise have hit a wall, but I guess they’d call super fun happy time if you didn’t loathe and despise most things about it. I’m going to to write a memoir and call it “The Art of Being Thrown Under the Bus.” This seems to be a running thing in most of my employment. Maybe I’m not the only one. There’s nothing like getting lit up in front of your co-workers on a situation that you’ve already discussed. Anyhoo, I’ll stop. My patience for said happenings in growing thinner. Maybe it’s time for green pastures and less involvement with certain somebodies, or maybe not…these are the questions the Delete is dealing with these days.

It’s been cold here on Hoth, I know…surprising right? So far I’ve only lost one hanging plant due to the frosty. I’ll get that replanted and ready to go as soon as I’m out of COVID lock down. I’ll also be getting the big shot veggies bought and planted next week, I think we should be close enough to not worrying about frost, but only worrying about the stupid frequent hailstorms that seem to happen on a regular basis round these parts. It’s how the German Turnip crumbles, eh?

I’m having a sale! Well, the 3rd party folks that I use as my store are having a sale. Pick up some gear to scare away family, friends, solicitors, whomever you want. It’s a short one, but if you miss out, there will be more.

Well, I’d best retire to my lock down quarters. The wife and I are sleeping in separate digs because of the Black Plague. I don’t know why I shared that, but thought that you’d like to know. Well, until next time, COURAGE.