The Future of What.

The Future of What.

It’s the end of another week of being in the trenches. I’ve got some things in the work that I’ll be spending time on. I’ll post more about this when it tis’ ready. I’m excited to get this going and hopefully it’ll be received well. I’ve missed offering such things and hope that there are folks that are just as excited as I am.

It is now officially Fall here on Hoth, and I guess a lot of other places too. I’m planning on digging up the last of the potatoes and making some more clam chowder. So that is exciting, right? Don’t you wish you were coming over for that dinner? Ok, probably not, but it doesn’t take much to get me excited these days.

I’ve been enjoying breaking up the computer time with the old school time. In addition to the linocut that I posted last entry, I started the next gouache piece. I’m enjoying this turn in the world of faceless business folk.

I’m happy to say that hockey pre-season starts today. A welcomed distraction from everything. I did OK through July without hockey, I actually welcomed the break, but since Aug. 2nd I’ve been looking for warm fuzzies to deal with all of the cold pricklies.

Well, that is all that I can think of to bore you with as of right now. Until next time, COURAGE.