It’s been crazy busy around these parts for about a year or so. With that being said, it hasn’t all been rainbows and monkeys with toothbrushes. I currently have a part time gig that keeps me off of the streets. It’s twenty hours a week and a steady paycheck, which is nice. I still get the most creatively, most of the time, out of freelance gigs which have been fewer and further between lately. Not to mention that I’m trying to squash the projects that pay nothing but “exposure”. I still sign up for these if the cause is something that I believe in or I really want to do the project. I think this will always be a struggle. As some might have noticed, my work with some folks has been dialed back quite a bit. Not the most fruitful time for the Delete, but alas, such is life, eh?

These trying times have proved a lot to me, mostly that good people are hard to come by. Lots of selfish folks out there. Maybe it’s the old age speaking or I’m just realizing that some friends are just in it to get what they want when they want it and the rest of the days you can put your sorrys in a sack. Anyhoo, I’m sure they know who they are and like Newman proclaimed that the Newmanium had to be Jerry-free, I’m gunning for the later part of the Delete be rectal opening free?

Anyhoo, 2021 is close to ending, I’m hoping to get some freelance work between now and the day the fat man pays us all a visit, but if not, I might spend that time beefing up this site and showing more and more work from the past five years. Maybe I’ll try to sell some paintings and drawings that are collecting dust in the ol’ arthole here at Deleted Inc. Something to think about!

Well, that is all for now, until next time…COURAGE.