Wash Away Evil.

Wash Away Evil.

So it’s been a few since I last blathered on this section of my website. Lots of stuff going on, we’re neck deep in a bathroom remodel, granted we’ve hired folks to do it, but Deleted Inc. was built in the late 1950s and requires a lot of updates with the plumbing and electrical to bring it up to code. So far it’s a lot of hurry and wait, but we’re getting closer to drywall and prep work for the steam shower. Luckily we still have a functioning bathroom and shower, but we’re learning how to balance that between three peeps. It’s not permanent and we’re excited to see and use the upgrade.

My wife worked her last shift at her now former job today and has a week off before she jumps into an awesome new gig. She’s worked so hard since going to school, getting certified in radiology and is now a manager at the hospital. She’ll do great! Poor her, she is married to the Delete who has fell on hard times for about nine months now. One of these days I’ll get a job that equals a full time gig. I’ve got a part time set up right now, but it seems to be a bit seasonal and we’re in the slow season at the moment.

I’ve gots some health stuff going on right now and have had to use a Canadian Pharmacy to get a prescription that is, let’s be honest…still very expensive, is way out of our price range here in good ol’ USA. Yeah, but the whole healthcare system we have right now is just fine. People decide whether to pay bills or get the prescription that keeps them alive. This is so dumb.

My velvet painting has been put on hold since the contractor is storing all of our materials for the bathroom revamp in the studio space. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up the ambition to tackle the next one. I thought that I had sold the Oderus, but no money yet so it’s keeping our mantle company for the time being.

As mentioned, I have a part time gig going on. It’s a silk screening place out of IN. It’s not too shabby, I’m learning how the printers like their files set up. From my experience what works at one print shop doesn’t necessarily fly at another. Hopefully it gets a bit busier so I can make some more bank. Here is an example of what I’ve doing.

Well, that is all that I have to bore you with right now. I’m concentrating a lot on wrasslin’ and hockey, so that keeps me sane. The warmer weather is coming too which means the unleashing of Farmer Josef tis’ just around the corner. Until then, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM