You Can Stuff Your Sorrys in a Sack.

You Can Stuff Your Sorrys in a Sack.

Deleted Inc. Blog post #89459384759834598345, or something. Not much to report to be honest. This month has been filled with weird doctor appointments, stress, more appointments and more stress. Hopefully stuff will shake out in the next few weeks so we can get back to my normal bitterness. I’m still trolling for jobs and have had a few nibbles but nothing serious as of yet. Hopefully that changes soon. It is always a little weird getting tax info from your previous gigs. I guess it could be worse, it could have been from ex-girlfriends…never mind, that is the same. Anyhoo, I’m in a rut.

I am forcing myself to work on some projects. I’m going to start another tonight based on some warm ups from last year. I believe it’ll be a linocut project. I’ll post progress when that happens.

I’ve put some more work into the velvet Oderus. There will be a spot on our mantle for another one after that, but I’ve yet to decide who to paint for that. I’m kicking around either the tag team Demolition or maybe the Killer Klowns or maybe something else. The sky tis’ the limit.

I have a commission that I’m starting. I think I finally have an Idea on where to go with that. Hopefully it turns out how I’m thinking.

I did an illustration that I thought might be fun to include with an application if the right opportunity would arise.

Well that is about I can think of right now to bore you with. I’m sure I’ll think of some more in the near future. Until then, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM