Congratulations! You’ve reached the part of the internet that showcases the skills of one Jason “Josef” Buchanan, also known as Beendeleted.

I am a freelance designer, schooled in both areas of print and web, illustrator and artist based out of Laramie, Wyoming. I work with clients all around the country and even a few international clients. I’ve been in the industry for 16+ years and have worked with a wide variety of clients on an even wider variety of projects. Please feel free to browse my portfolio, and if you don’t see an example of a project that you’re in need of, please ask as I’m always open to researching new projects!  You can read more about my work experience, schooling and skills here.

Please contact me if you’re in need of a design/illustration/art related project or if you just want to say hello and/or give feedback on anything, that would be the cat’s pajamas as the kids say these days. Thanks for visiting my cardboard box on the web.

- Josef Buchanan

The Commerce of Delete


I’ve always wanted to have some of my illustrations available in t-shirt, hoodie, sticker format. Me being modest in the wallet department, this was a far fetched idea.

That was until I signed up for a Redbubble account. This now allows me to offer some of my illustrations to be purchased as a shirt, hoodie, sticker or many other items offered by the fine folks at Redbubble. Feel free to peruse the store!


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