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About the VECTORIZED Package

I’m unleashing the “VECTORIZED” package for the masses! If you would like to be mashed up or have your pup, kitty, lizard, boyf, girlf…Mashed up into your favorite movie, tv show, book, album, whatever …I’m your guy!!! For only $125 $100, you get a custom vector illustration which will be printed in shirt format. You’ll then be officially “VECTORIZED” and will live on here in my web store, where you can order more items like a beach towel, a hoodie, a sweatshirt, a flag, a skate deck, and much much more. Sure it’s not a new concept, but this ginger loves doing this and would love to put you into a vector today!

How to Get Started?

Fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP to create a plan of action on what you’d like to do with your Vectorized project. Be ready with reference photos of whom and/or what you’d like to mash up with whatever person, place and/or thing. It’s a pretty painless process. Remember, the higher resolution the source images are, the more detail I can use. I will allow two rounds of revisions, but if it extends past this you’ll then be charged my hourly fee, $30 per hour, on the additional changes.

A few Ideas for Your Mashup, Pick Something from Your Favorite:

  • Movie (Character, Franchise, etc.)
  • Music (Band, Album, etc.)
  • Television (Show, Character, Episode, etc.)
  • Pop Culture (Wide Open)
  • Wrasslin’ (Current federations or the Beauties from the Past)
  • Sports (Teams, Players, Etc.)

What the Vectorized Package Isn’t

I’m creating this service to fit a very specific area, mostly custom illustrations made to be first worn as a shirt, but can also be put on other items that are available through the third party website that I use, cough cough Threadless Artist’s Shops. This is not meant to cover other projects like logo design, other types of custom illustrations and other design projects. I can, of course, do those as well, but the pricing will certainly vary from the $125 $100 for the Vectorized package, please get in touch with me via my Contact page concerning those projects, please. I’m a delete with a variety of feathers in the ol’ proverbial hat that can help you with your many design needs, this is just one feather.

Fill This Out to Get Started!