I’m out, you can keep my quarter.

Well, after paying too much attention and money to hockey this season, I’ve been  “rewarded” with a repeat of last year’s stanley cup finals. Which for me is about as exciting as another addition to the “Weekend at Bernie’s” franchise. When its all said and done, all of this is pretty irrelevant minus the epiphany that the delete dabbling in any sort of “jock type” activity makes for a mighty


Not sure if this will help much, but looks as if the Lanche are trying to recall all of the powers from the past to help them out of a slump. Not sure what Mr. Patrick’s coaching is like, but apparently his sons can throw down.  At least he’d make a mean after game interview….to be continued. *Update: The higher ups at Avalanche headquaters have thought it best to keep

Snow Trek, Day 3.

Tis’ 8.19 am, and we’re camping out at the rents place for the morning. The plan is to await the temps to melt the tundra that has occurred in the past few days so we can get back to CO to continue the moving adventure. We’ll see if das’ weather decides to cooperate with us. The trip to the great white north was quite successful. A house has been reserved