Carrat at the end of the stick.

Survivor Series Nonsense.

Terrier Cvlt Madball/Monster/Terrier Mashup Illustration

The Nick Cageao Pizza Tour shirt.

Royal Rumble Nonsense 2.

Self Promo Illustration.

Divide By Zero Shirt Illustration.

Blameless Lake EP Covers.

Kvasir Logo Work.

Beadhead Consulting Logo Work.

Magic Cyclops Illustration Work.

Gig Poster.

Contract Web Design Project.

Gig Poster for Trade.

Me as an Album Cover.

Personal Illustration Logo Idea.

HR Gig Poster.

Commissioned Joker Illustration.

Super Hero Cards.

Robbins Dermatology Website.

Tales of Annoyance – Newman.

Logo Work.

Freelance Illustration Project.

The Return of Ted Danson’s Wig.

Canadian Fonz.

If Benjamin was an ice cream flavor.

Personal Branding Brainstorm.

That’s a lot of gum.

Grandpa vs. Prowler Poster.

Al Thompson Website.

Power Point Illustrations.

Brookie Shadow Box.

Contract Website Design 4.

Contract Website Design 3.

Contract Website Design 2.

Contract Website Design 1.

The Joys of Non-Conformity.


Going Places.

Pee Wee Herman Devil.

At All Cost Shirt Design.

At All Cost Tour Poster.

At All Cost Simple Logo.

At All Cost Album Artwork.

Bancho Illustration.

Beendeleted Logo Experiments.

NWC Life-sized Trapper.

Logo work.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 6.

Birthday Tattoo Design.

Melvins Pretend Gigposter/Album Rework.

NWC Trapper Santa Themed.

Loot Review Logo

NWC Trapper Paper Doll.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 5.

LiftGO Illustrations.

At All Cost Reunion.

Royal Rumble Nonsense.

Magic Cyclops Poster.

Business Card Redesign.


Horker Band Logo.

King Rat Tattoo.

His name is Khabi.

Smuckers, the Terrible.

Ginger Delete, Self-Portrait.

Fat Cat.

Peelander Z Poster.

City of Troja – Comic Book Draft Chapter

Vectorized 11.

The Infamous Widget Company.

The Beatrix Shirt.

Toaster Poaster 2.

Wise Girl Website.

Local Gigposter 2.

Local Gigposter 1.

Commercial Story Boards

Vectorized 10 – Winner.

Vectorized 10.

That rat.

Bernard Hiller – Logo Mocks

Bernard Hiller – Acting & Success Studio

Faux Magazine Ads.

Counterpunch Gig Poster.

Voodoo Glow Skulls Poster.

New Logo Action.

The Say It Ain’t Show Poster.

Beendeleted 2015 Logo.

The Whigs Gigposter.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Logo

Smuckers, Khabibulin and Danzig the Cat.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 4.

I Danzig Kitties.

Double Nickles on the Dime.

Cutthroat Shadowbox.

OCL Website Redesign.

Clean Mess Logo.

Heart to Heart Logo.

Toaster Poaster.

Join the Rat Race.


Brook Trout Illustration.

Morning Commute Logo Ideas.

Thrash Band Album Artwork, in progress.

Targeese Logo.

Absaroka Head Start Logo Ideas.

MascotDB Logo.

Supersuckers Poster.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 3.

No Point in Steering Now.

Business Cards.

Battle at the Range Shirt Design.

Panic! at the Disco Poster.

Benefit Show Poster.

Self Promo – Pro-wrestling flavored.

The Jerk Store.

OCL Lighting Price Machine Layout.

Website Mock Up.


A Truth in Silence.

Apology Gum.

Francis Buxton.

Blackwell Album Art and Design.

Big D and the Kids Table Poster.

Freelance Illustration Work.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Self-promo – Ad 3.

Self-promo – Ad 2.

Self-promo – Ad 1.

Megadave: The Illustration.

The Dirty Scavengers Logo.

Readyman Provisions Logo Ideas.

Old Man Danzig.

Beware the 3-headed Turtle Rat Race.

Vectorized 7 Winner – 2.

Vectorized 7 Winner – 1.

Magic Cyclops Pillow.

Deleted Inc. Canine Division.

Electric Six Poster.

Century 21 Real Estate Center Website.

Ginger Brawl 2013.

Vectorized 7.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 2.

Brando’s Comedy Shop Flyer – 1.

The Weeks Poster.

Experience Harlem Website.

Rickly and Nolan Poster

Spacehog Poster.

Brown Trout Logo.

Sir James Martin.


Three Cyclops Moon.

Magic Cyclops Shirt Design.

Hardcore Christian.

Random Metal Band Logo.

The Hand Check Squad.

Robocop Kill Shot.

From the Trailer to the Grave.

Just a Pepsi.

The Paperboy Union.


Bear Hands Poster.

Dunder Heads.

The Corporate Uncle.

Large Marge.

The Foul Hooked Whitey.

Lenox Ave.

Pee Wee vs. Francis.

King Neil Diamond.

What Slayde Says.

Dead with my friends 2.


Jessie Spano Freakout.

Luther Poster.


Metro and Gordon.

Spiritual Wives.

Vectorized 6 Winner.

Giraffes? Giraffes! Shirt.

Dead with my Friends.



Terrible Things Poster.

Vectorized 6.

The Hives Poster.

Saint Rodney.

Vectorized V – Winner #2.

Vectorized V – Winner #1.

Vectorized 5.

The Holy Mess Poster.

Vectorized 4 winner.


A Corporate Tale.

Previous Employer Web Site Design.

Ed Smart.

Brklyn Sky.


Delete and Denver.

Character Development.

Previous Employer Banner Ads 2.

Beendeleted Wedding Announcement.

iPhone Cover.

Previous Employer Character Development.

Previous Employer Banner Ads 1.

Freelance Logo Work.

Vectorized 4.

Vectorized 3 winner.


Vectorized 3.


Vectorized Winner 2.

Business Cards.

Band Work 2.

Band Work 1.

Vectorized 2 Promo.

Vectorized Winner 1.

Dawn of the Delete.

The Newmanium.

8:10 pm.

Log Yard Illustration.

Newman. In Progress.

Promo Video


VD 2012.

Speech 1.

My Wife in Watercolor.

Me in Watercolor Format.


Cut the Mullet.

The Barber.

East Rosebud.

Cubicle Icarus.

Fix Until Broken.

Even Freddie is a Fan.

Open Season.

The Deleted Ones.

Agressive Behavior.

Hellacine Logo.

My Neighbors are Metal.


The Cubicle Icarus.

Anatomy Two.

Anatomy One.

Number Two.

Cubicle Casualty.

Saint Mary.

Hey Vern.

Watercolorly Meat

Baby Deleto.

Parental Homage.

Yellow Business.

Birds all over.

Government of Branches.

Quiero Ser Eliminado.

Never hip.



The Future.

Saturday Night Syndrome.

El Deleto.

Business is Screaming.

The Politician’s Mouth.

Danzig Hugs Club.

The Up Yours.

Franchise Prototype.

Mouthful of Meat.

Death Flock

Free Trebek.

Skate Illustration

The Joy of Nothing Part 3.

The Joy of Nothing Part 2.

The Joy of Nothing 1.

Dead Magpie.

El Deleteo Es Mi Padre.

Quaid Sanctuary

Daily Routine.

The Kevin Mask.

Color Me Gordon.

Horse the Band.

Color Ink 2.

Color Ink 1.


Beatrix as the Delete

Snap into Nothing.

Body by Paul

Uncle Buck

Evel Deleted

My Chest Your Face.

Fat Four Point.

Press Conference.

Big Business.

The Hansons



Cheney Monster.

Old Business.

Drowning in Paperwork.

Business King.

Conformist Thought.

Skate Logo

Previous Employer Logo

Previous Employer Pen

Previous Employer Pop-up

Previous Employer Booth

Previous Employer Publication

Previous Employer Promo

Electric Shadow Puppets

Private Guys.

My Band

Color Me Chuck.


The Weather Machines

DBZ Shirt

Bill Metal Shirt

Business Metal Shirt

Black Metal Shirt

Bear Business

Valve Shirt



Delete/Beatrix Collaboration

Six degrees of Bacon

Comic Troutline


The Mend


Saigon Market Submission

Mr. Deacon.


FFC – Button


Couple Fight.

El Deleto – Returns

Animal Farm2

Animal Farm1

Action Figure Me

Freelance – Survival3

Freelance – Survival2

Freelance – Survival1

Yo Soy Deleto.

BDBP – Test Page

Beendeleted Book Project

P.W. Christ.

Two Headed Monster.