A flyer created for the viewing of the season finale. Is it the finale, finale? I guess we’ll never know, or maybe we will? I don’t know, I’m out of the loop.

A poster created for the mighty Mugen Hoso, which used to make an annual appearance here on Hoth, but that has changed since the great plague that we’re currently experiencing. Maybe this will happen again soon? Maybe I’ll do another poster?

E6 poster for a Philly show.

Gig poster for a Philly show featuring solo gigs of some fellas you might recognize.

Gig poster created for a Philly show for the band Space Hog.

Poster for a Bear Hands show in Philly.

Poster for a PA show for Luther.

Gig poster for a Terrible Things PA gig poster.

A few more gig posters for Wyoming’s Surf Rock band.