Another branded version of myself. Egomaniac? Maybe, or I’m just trying to get my name out there and get some of that sweet, sweet freelance cash?

I had a band once. We played a handful of shows. I decided that making art for music was better than me trying to make music. Maybe one day in a parallel universe a reunion would happen?

Wanye’s World was a part of my high school years. So I decided to make a fake band for Garth to have.

Newman, in illustrated format. Oh the horror.

I like Seinfeld, which means I like illustrating Seinfeld.

A little something I whipped up to cater to my former obsession with professional wrestling.

My take on the monster of a Melvins album, Houdini.

A logo I created to promote a very close personal friend, me.

Poster created to promote a little social media contest I was having. It was based on the 80s classic bit of cinema known as Over the Top.

I illustrated my favorite base for many a meme and made it to work for myself. You know what I meme?