A little illustration created before the third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise was released to the public. It was a fun project. Bill and Ted hold a special place in my cold black heart.

A rough version of some illustrations created for the mighty Nick Cageao, formerly of Mutoid Man. This logo took some weird turns which I won’t post on here, tee hee. Anyhoo, it was a fun project.

Illustration created for the band Sik Oheso, I don’t believe this was ever used, or yet to be used, but it was fun. Everyone likes Kitties and currency, right?

A batch of logo ideas created for the talented Landon Siebens.

Another favorite ruined. This time Sepultura’s Arise tis’ the victim.

I keep telling you, I do these to announce that I am once again partaking in a professional wrestling pay per view. They’re fun! At least I think so.

Created a little WordPress website for De Gringos y Gremmies. Check it out here.

I took the album artwork I created and threw some animation into it. Enjoy. Click here to view.

I was hired by the mighty Wyoming Spaghetti-infused Surf Garage Rockers, De Gringos y Gremmies to do the artwork for their first album. I used some of the characters that were created for previous gig posters and expanded on that, mixed in a bit of Wyomingness along with some Yogi Bearish type background and viola, this is what you’ve got.

I was working with a client from the UK on branding for dog treats. I was supposed to do the logo, then work on packaging design and then a website. I only got as far as these and never heard from them again. That is why I’m using it as a portfolio piece.