A Pat on the Back, A Knife in the Back.

A Pat on the Back, A Knife in the Back.

It’s been awhile since the last post on the ol’ blog. Sorry about that. I was busy with a bit of freelance but now that has dried up or is stalled and I’m awaiting feedback. So, yeah, that is what has been going down in the land of the Delete. I know, painfully exciting.

I did find out that what used to be a nice escape and a fun project is going away. I guess I’m bummed even though my ambition for said project has been compromised a bit from the current working relationship with a few individuals. You put yourself out there and help folks out when they’re down, but when they’re back, you can fuck right off… I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I’m tired of the excitement of collaborating on projects always ending up this way.

With that being said, I’m going to try and see if I can get some stuff that is purely just me going. I’m sick of people. The pandemic has only proven to me that a.) Everything can probably be an email and b.) Most folks would press a button to end another person’s life if it meant less restrictions and/or hassles for them. Anyhoo, yeah, people are the worst. I’m glad that my pups keep me honest and grounded. Everyone is doing shirts, I can probably do a few of those, but I have a stack of artwork that is just piling up and doing nothing. Maybe I can post that and see if there are anything takers?

It is almost time for me to do my annual birdhouse painting projects. Maybe folks would like to purchase and hang those up in their yards for birds to poop on too?

I’ve got work to do on this site too. Maybe I’ll post all the work that I’ve done for said company, so at least it can be a portfolio filler.

Well, it’s the sabbath after the time change and this ginger has a headache and should be thinking about turning in. Imma put more working into this site. Stay tuned, until then…COURAGE.