Breathe Grease.

Breathe Grease.

Another day, another donut. I’ve been keeping somewhat busy working on a few freelance jams right now, whilst waiting on others to shake free. The never ending game of hurry up and wait.

We’ve had a few warm days so I’ve fought through the mental funk that I’m currently saturated in to clean up the garden beds and a couple of beds of the flower variety. There is sign of growth as the cat mint and bee balm have signs of coming back. This time of year is dangerous for plants. False spring weather followed by false winter weather can zap your plants in one night. I did start some seeds, these are different flowers that I’ve never tried before and think the climate here might not be the best, but the idea of finding a variety of flowers for the hummingbirds and other pollinators to feed from. I’m also finally figuring out what the big yard project shall be for the year. It looks like I’ll be taking up some of the lawn, the stuff right next to the sidewalk, out and putting down some mulch and some small shrubs. Pretty sweet eh? Aren’t you glad that I’m keeping you up to date with the Deleted Inc. yard work? Hahaha!

Ok, back to some more design related stuff. I’ve already made some sales through the shop. Thank you so much for the support. It means the world to me. It’s easy to feel isolated and cut off living here in Hoth. Seeing people purchase some of my designs is the best. I’ll be pondering new stuff to add and I believe there should be some sales coming up this month. I’ll try to keep people informed on that.

I recently was reminded of a video from the early days of the Delete. It’s from the Street, Sesame Street to be more specific. It shows how saxophones are made. It’s the bees knees. See for yourself.

It reminds me of the Disco Volante record by the mighty Mr. Bungle. Well, that’s about all I’ve got for you this evening. Until next time, COURAGE.