Ethos Musick.

Ethos Musick.

Well, it’s November…what does that mean? I’m not sure. We’ve been trying to get through the day to day with the wife’s new clinical schedule. Good thing this is temporary. She seems like a stranger with the amount of time that we see here around Deleted Inc. Anyhoo, other than that life is life. The holidays are near which means extended family avoidance. Tis’ the season for fake smiles and extended bathroom time during the gatherings.

I’ve been trying to get back into doing my own illustrations again. There for awhile the freelance gig and my other part-time job was taking all of my time. It’s lightened up for now. I’ve got a few xmas present ideas that I’m going to be working on for a certain old friend from back in the day. It should be fun!

I was so busy I haven’t had time to do the normal hockey illustrations and/or wrasslin’ illys either. I’ve managed to get to the hockey themed one. Hopefully I can put it to bed soon and then hop to the next thing.

I went a High on Fire show the other weekend and got to see my friend Santos, the might Santos. Talked shop, hockey and found out a few funny tidbits about Glenn Danzig. I might have to do an illustration or two.

The father-in-law is still in hospice. We’re not sure when he will go. Parkinson’s is a bitch. Well, on that note, I’m exhausted and need my beauty/ugly sleep as I have PT in the morning. Old guy stuff, you know. Until next time, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM