Flesh and the Power It Holds.

Flesh and the Power It Holds.

It’s almost 7pm on Friday night and I’m getting rejection emails about the many jobs that I’ve applied for. Those sting a little bit more, the after hours rejections, man. Oh well, what doesn’t hire me makes me stronger? Let’s hope so. I told my wife that once I hit 100 active applications, that will unlock a bonus world. I don’t know if this is true, but a manchild can dream, eh?

It’s been a week, I’m treating the quest for employment as a full time job, so it sort of feels like I clock in at 7 am and then stay online until I’m dropping my pen to the graphic tablet and go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. I don’t regret breaking up with the past arrangement. There is only so many projects I can do for free for folks that have zero appreciation for said projects.

It’s a long weekend, and what a long weekend it should be. I’m very excited about the wrasslin’ PPV that happens on Sunday. I don’t get excited about much as it’s the hockey off season and frankly I’m pretty miserable at the moment, but this event makes me want to bake a cake and/or be social. I’m currently working on some freelance, but I’ve also got the normal illustration project that I do for most PPVs. This one hopefully will be a good one. If not, oh well…they’re fun and keep me off of the streets.

I recently finished a fun gig poster for the local Surf Rock Band, De Gringos y Gremmies. The mighty Daikaiju is coming through town and if it’s anything like last time you’ll want to bring your weenies and/or marshmallows. Anyhoo, this is what it turned out like. Not too shabby. I might print a few to hang and/or sell if anyone is interested.

I’ll post more when I’ve completed the PPV promo materials. Until then, COURAGE.