Glamour Boys.

Glamour Boys.

It’s about time for another one of these bad boys eh? Well the last post was a pretty depressing one eh? Yeah, we’re still feeling it here. Smuckers was a big part of the family and we’ve missed him a lot.

On that subject, I swore up and down that it’d be awhile until we even sniffed at the chance of getting another pup for the Deleted Inc. family, but a friend on IG posted about a little ginger boston what was coming up for adoption soon, he is two years old and had been surrendered because his previous owner was going overseas and they could only bring one dog. Lame, right? Well after getting more info, the foster family was sweet enough to bring him over from Cheyenne and let him hang in the backyard for an hour or so. It was game over after that. He’s a sweet little dude, so we filled out the application to be eligible to adopt him through the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, we were approved and so we’ve had him for a bit over two weeks and he’s fitting in great! The cat and dog situation will take some time to work, but it’ll smooth over hopefully sooner than later. His name is Doc, is a tad underweight, but we’re happy to report that he’s got a health appetite and I think he’s already put on some weight since joining our crew. He’s a good dude, man. It’s nice to have more dog happenings in the house again!

Outside of that, things have been going as they should. The daughter is now in high school and I survived the trauma of getting her set up. I was suffering from sympathy anxiety me thinks. A 46 year old fearing that the 14 year old jocks are going to start talking trash to me. I’m a wimp still, man.

Freelance has been going well as has the part-time gig. I’ve been working with an old contact from way back when helping him with a new business venture. We’ve got the logo, poster, post cards and have some more stuff in the works, which is fun. I’ve not been able to get any of my personal stuff tackled, but am hoping to get a memorial portrait of Smuckers going here soon.

I need to get some more recent work up and on the ol’ portfolio, which I should make a priority here soon. We shall see… Well that’s about it. Until next time, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM