Had one of those days when you wanna try heroin.

Had one of those days when you wanna try heroin.

Greetings and salutations or something. It’s been a rather long week for some reason. Maybe it’s this time of year, the transition from winter winter to spring winter. I’d be more excited it it was closer to planting season so Farmer Josef can come out of hibernation. I don’t even have any seed prep going. Maybe I’ll get that going this weekend.

This season I ordered from a smaller company that offers native seeds according to your zone. They have some detailed directions on how to get things started so you can plant and have better success opposed to just sprinkling seeds willy nilly and covered with soil. Well, that’s enough of letting Farmer Josef take over this blog post.

Job-wise, things are things. I’ve got a couple of freelance projects that have shaken from their stalled state and I’ll be working on those which is pretty sweet. I’m glad that I’m not going to have my nosed buried in this site like I’ve been the past few weekends. I did breakout the ol’ Adobe Animate and created a video for the site, specifically the shop, maybe you noticed? If not, here you go.

Not the fanciest, but it’ll do for now. Hopefully I can get some purchases from this. I haven’t tried using this store set up before. I’ve done redbubble before and this had similarities but over all seemed a little smoother. We shall see. If you’re in need of some shirts, I know a spot. Tell ’em the Delete sent you.

I’m currently listening to The Weakerthans right now. I used to listen to FALLOW on a fairly regular basis. It’s nice to get back it. This was always one of my favorites:

Well, that’s about all that I’ve got for right now. I’m staring down some Hockey tonight and we have a couple of birthday parties to hit up. A social butterfly, I am not, but you probably already know that by now. Maybe you don’t? Maybe you’re just reading a stranger’s blog. That’s weird. Until next time, COURAGE.