Hammering the Cramps.

Hammering the Cramps.

It’s been a minute since the last post. Let’s play catch up, I’ve got a part time gig that I’m settling into but things are in the slow season so projects are few and far between, but it’s going decent. The wife scored a new job in which she shall be starting at the beginning of next month which launches her into a more prominent role and compensation for it, which is amazing. She’s the best, I’m lucky to be married to her! We’re also redoing a bathroom here at Deleted Inc. A project that started out someone standard has turned into a beefy one. Own an old house has some perks, but when it comes to electrical and plumbing, they’re not much fun, but at least we’re taking care of it and will soon have a steam shower and a fancy toilet so I can steam and flush away all of my daily teenage angst.

My birthday was a few days ago and we went to a hockey in Denver to celebrate. It was good, but I was quickly reminded about my overwhelming dislike of most people in public. I’m happy we made the game, but I’ll be watching the rest in my basement, please and thank you.

Last night a wrasslin’ PPV which was nice to view. I was hoping for some returns, and got one, but didn’t get the one I was hoping for… maybe in the coming months they’ll work him back into the fold. This is truly interesting content that you’re reading right now eh? Hahaha, sorry about that. I did make a poster for said event. Check it out.

I’m currently doing prep work for the next velvet painting. My studio might be out of service during the bathroom remodel, not that I work on the toilet…contrary to popular belief, but to get to some of the plumbing, I might be in the way.

I’m pondering the next linocut too. I wonder if there would be any interest in folks purchasing said linocuts? That would be sweet.

I did a commission for a friend and his family. It was fun to work on and apparently it looks quite fetching over the mantle. Check it out below.

Today is the 13th anniversary of losing my mother. Man, I miss my rents so much. It’s tough. You’re never ok with and never recover from it, I guess you learning to live with the truth. Hug your moms whilst you can. Until next time…COURAGE. #FODBM